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Neodymium magnets are very strong but fragile, so they need to be handled and packaged very carefully. Most customers are not familiar with the strength of neodymium magnets, which may cause parts to break or even be injured.

Everyone who comes into contact with neodymium magnets should be aware of the dangers of carrying goods. If a neodymium magnet hits a solid surface or other magnets, its brittleness can cause flying debris. If you don't pay attention, a large-sized magnet may cause a lot of trouble. If you have not used this magnet before, please discuss the solution with us.


The packaging methods of neodymium magnets vary greatly depending on the magnet size and specific requirements.

Small magnets are usually placed in rows, with or without plastic spacers, to reduce the attractive force between the two magnets and easily separate them. Then, these rows can be wrapped in anti-corrosion paper and attracted into a carton.

Large magnets or magnetic components will be individually packed in cartons and placed in wooden boxes. Most magnets will be shipped by sea or truck.


The most economical way to ship neodymium magnets is by sea or truck. The packaging of these two methods is also much cheaper because when the magnetic field exceeds the specified value, the FAA guidelines assume that strong magnets are dangerous.

Although many air carriers do not accept strong magnets, we can still transport strong magnets by air, but special packaging is required and corresponding expenses are required. This is other packaging materials for shielding.


Neodymium magnets have poor corrosion resistance, so they should be stored in low humidity and mild environment. Since the magnet is very strong and will attract iron objects from the surrounding surface, it should ideally be placed in the original box delivered.

We do not recommend storing any magnets near magnetic media, GPS, smartphones and any sensitive electronic devices. Please also keep magnets out of the reach of children. If there are other magnets, please store them far enough away due to the demagnetization effect.