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Magnetic pickup tools are very powerful and easy-use tool for fast, efficient collecting, sorting, and separating small ferrous materials. With extremely powerful magnetic force, they can easily pick up and move iron objects such as nails, screws, nuts and any small metal objects in bulk.

Magnetic pickup tools are very light to operate and features an easy-to-grip handle, we can attract metal parts together around the bottom of the lifter, then move them to the desired place and pull the handle to release them, they can prevent potential in injuries from sharp metal parts with an easy-to-grip handle.

Types of Magnetic Pickup Tools

Manufacturing method

Magnetic pickup tools consists of strong magnets in a rigid non–magnetic housing housing as a collecting pan, a powerful magnetic circuit formed to provide maximum strength with a minimum of weight.

Several standard designs and sizes are available to meet different requirements, a customized design is acceptable, no matter the shape, pull force or the color can be custom made, also your logo can be printed if required.


Magnetic pickup tools can pick, move and displace ferromagnetic material quickly and efficiently, due to its permanent strong magnetic attraction power, its application can be seen anywhere making it the most ideal magnetically lifting facility, like factories, highways, airfields, farms, vineyards, storage houses, city streets, parks, parking lots, loading docks, playgrounds.