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Rubber coated magnets (also called plastic coated magnets) are consist of neodymium magnets or pot magnets with a protective layer of rubber coating, generally soft TPE rubber coating, while hard PP coating is also available (also called as plastic coated magnets) if required.

We can apply rubber coating to magnets in different shapes, no matter standard disc, block, ring or countersunk, arc segment, or more complicate shapes, the rubber coating can cover the all sides of magnet or part of magnet, it is very hard and durable, protecting the magnets against from corrosion and damage.

Types of Rubber Coated Magnets

Manufacturing method

The rubber coating is produced by a injection machine, we need to open injection mould for specific size, we do have mould for standard sizes, but if a new mould is required, the mould cost is about $1,000-$2,000.

Generally the rubber coating is black, but different colors are available if the MOQ is reached, it does not require a new mould for specific colors.

The rubber coating is about 0.5-1mm thick, it is much thicker than other coatings, you need to consider this when you design the magnet, the actual magnet size inside is 2mm less than total size.


Rubber coated magnets wont break like a normal magnet and can be used in outdoor applications, like humid and rust area, marine (sea water) environmental, rough surfaces, this magnet greatly broaden the magnet application ranges. It is protective for both the surface where the magnets used and the magnets itself, it wont leave any marks and damage from scratching, if you want to use a magnet on surface easy to hurt like car, rubber coated magnets is a suitable option.