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Flexible magnets (also called rubber magnets, soft magnets) are made of strontium ferrite powder compounded with plastics or rubbers (NBB or CPE). The main 3 grades of flexible magnets are: Isotropic, Semi-anisotropic, Anisotropic, although the magnetic properties with (BH)max from 0.6 MGOe to 1.6 MGOe.

Flexible magnets are flexible and soft like its name, it can easily be cut to the shape / size required using a knife, also easily bent, twisted, slit, or coiled, no loss of magnetic properties will happen during this.

Types of Flexible Magnets

Manufacturing method

The main production ways of flexible magnets are: calendering for magnetic sheet and extrusion for magnetic tape, the standard magnetizing method is multiple poles magnetized on single face with magnetic pitch 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm or 5.0mm. Though magnetized thru thickness is also possible for magnetic sheet if it is required for special applications, there will be each a single pole on each face.

The non-magnetic face can be plain or laminated with PVC, self-adhesive, dry-wipe PET, PP for different usage, while the magnetic face is generally with UV coating.


Flexible magnets are widely used in various commercial and industrial applications, mainly for automotive signs, business cards, commercial signage, crafting projects, DIY home improvement, fridge magnets, large format graphics, name badge holders, office presentations, packaging closures, paint masking applications, POP & trade show displays, promotional giveaways, warehouse labeling, windows & door seals.