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Pot magnets (also called Cup magnets, Mounting magnets) are consist of magnets encased in a steel cup, the inside magnet can be neodymium, smco, alnico or ferrite, you can choose the most suitable material according to where it will be used.

The case can be steel or stainless steel, the steel cup not only protects the magnets against chipping and cracking, it generates an efficient magnetic circuit, all the magnetic fields are centralized one one side, which makes the magnetic force much bigger than magnet alone.

Types of Pot Magnets

Manufacturing method

The magnet and steel is glued together, with a channel filled with plastic ring or epoxy, the steel cup is punched or lathed depending on the size, a lot of improvements are done to achieve both a higher magnetic force and more economic price.

The pot magnets are supplied in different fixing ways with studs, female studs, holes and hooks as above, a lot of mechanical parts can be fixed on pot magnets to meet different applications. The rubber coating is also realizable on pot magnets to protect the surface easy scratching and easy to damage.


The magnetic force of pot magnets is very strong , so they are widely used for heavy handling duties, it is quite safe due to it is permanently magnetic, a complete of series with different fixing methods and sizes are available, you can easily find the way to fix them, due to these conveniences, it greatly broadens the applications of pot magnets both in commercial and industrial, like industrial working room, office, store and home.