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Button magnets (also called Magnetic pushpin, Office magnets) are consist of strong magnets and a plastic or steel casing, the casing is in a traditional button or pushpin shape, although their sizes are small, actually they are with extremely strong pull force.

Button magnets are innovative and wonderful product for home, school, office, warehouse and other more places, it can hold all kinds of paperwork on metal surfaces without a tiny hole and any damage, providing a protective solution. Push pin magnets are movable and reusable, they can be used again and again.

Types of Button Magnets

Manufacturing method

Button magnets have two halves, one half is a button or pushpin shaped casing, the casing can be ABS / PC plastic, or transparent acrylic, or lathed steel, there are different colors of plastic, generally 10 colors of ABS / PC plastic, 7 colors of transparent plastic, steel is generally in silver with nickel coating. The other half is strong Neodymium magnets, it is the strongest magnet in the world nowadays, even the smallest button magnet can hold about 10 pages of paper, its magnetic force is permanent.

Different designs and sizes are available to meet various requirements, but custom design is acceptable, there may be a mould charge will be required.


Button magnets are widely used in daily life, they can hold photos, posters, notes, flow charts, road maps and restaurant orders to any magnetic receptive surface, like fridge, magnetic board, whiteboard, metal bulletin board, magnetic cable and other metal surfaces. They are a perfect addition and small interesting tool for home, school, office, art, craft,, science projects and DIY products.