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Magnetic sweepers (also called Magnetic brooms) are a very handy tool to collect and extract potentially damaging or dangerous ferrous hazards from factory, work areas, floors, sports surfaces, garages, car parks. They can avoid costly tire damage, reduce equipment shelf life and eliminate many safety accidents.

Magnetic sweepers are a high speed and low cost solution to remove dropped material fast and easy, they provides exceptional performance and simple operation, covering a very large area in a quite short time.

Types of Magnetic Sweepers

Manufacturing method

Magnetic sweepers are constructed with a powerful magnetic circuit formed by cost-saving permanent ferrite magnets in a rigid non–magnetic housing housing as a collecting pan, they are designed to provide maximum strength with a minimum of weight.

Several standard designs and sizes with different pull forces are available to meet various requirements, like with quick release, you can easily move a level to raise the magnets inside, the attracted ferrous objects drop to the ground you want, also a customized logo can be printed if required.


Magnetic sweepers can pick up and hold bolts, ferrous chips, nails, wire, staples, tacks, welding rod ends and all kinds of troublesome iron and steel debris, they are widely used in factories, highways, airfields, farms, vineyards, storage houses, city streets, parks, parking lots, loading docks, playgrounds and anywhere you can find metal objects causing injuries and problems.