Speaker Magnet

Neodymium speaker magnet is the latest development in this industry, it’s not as expensive as Alnico but costs a bit more than ceramic magnet speakers. It has the advantages of both weighing about 50% less than other speakers and having stronger magnetic properties. Speakers made from neodymium magnet respond to a player's touch similar to Alnicos and have a well balanced frequency response.


The magnet structure in the speaker is what creates the standing magnetic field. This standing magnetic field gives the voice coil's generated field something to push off of. A strong standing magnetic field allows greater cone motion potential. The stronger this field is, the further it spans thus allowing a voice coil's field more to push off of. The entire action is similar to the idea behind a solenoid.

The voice coil and standing magnetic field are what make the cone move. When an electrical current/signal from an audio amplifier (alternating at the same frequency as the sound that created it) is put into a speaker's voice coil, the voice coil generates an alternating magnetic field. The alternating polarity of the voice coil causes it to be repelled-from and attracted-to the standing magnetic field. This action of alternating attracting and repelling causes the cone (attached to the voice coil) to move! When the cone moves between 20Hz-20 KHz, the speaker makes sound that we can hear!


Speaker magnets come in all sort of different sizes and shapes, we produce custom magnet or a magnetic assembly for speakers. We are experienced and helpful on your speaker magnet assembly!