Radially Ring Magnet

A new technology enables the production of super strong, one piece, radially magnetized neodymium ring magnet!


Radially ring magnets are magnetized from the inside to the outside. The radial magnetization increases the ring's magnetic force, it can be formed into shapes and patterns that axially magnetized magnets cannot, this provides a possibility of unique design by truly different magnetic circuit.


The radially Neodymium ring magnets is revolutionizing the permanent magnet space for synchronous motors, stepping motors and DC brushless motors widely used in automotive, computers, electronics, communications, office, school equipment and common household products. The advantages are significant:
•  Motor assembly is made much easier, installation of one or more rings than gluing arcs into place.
•  Radial sintering assures no “weak spots”.
•  The ring does not compromise the magnetic properties.
•  A super strong magnet by virtue of superior metallurgy developed.


We are ready to make a ideal radially magnetized ring magnet according to your design, anyway a few limitations still exist.