Pot Magnet

Pot magnet consist of a strong neodymium magnet inside a steel cup, they include countersunk holes or threads to be used with other parts together. They can be easily attracted to a steel or any other iron materials. A pot magnet always provides stronger pull force than what you get with the magnet alone, as it is related with their construction consisting of disc, ring or countersunk magnet inside a steel cup, which gets the top part of magnetic field weaker and bottom side much stronger.


Pot magnet is a new type of magnetic tool, which is the perfect combination of neodymium magnets with steel and makes the power of neodymium magnets stronger. Designed for metric or ISO hardware, pot magnet includes some with studs, female studs, holes and hooks. They are attracted perfectly for any ferrous metal or magnetic surface. You can use the pot magnet anywhere that you would like to conveniently.


We are offering a variety of different pot magnets (i.e. A B C D in different sizes), but also a few customers would prefer us to produce according to their own design, anyway we can make a most suitable part for different application.