Magnetic Tube

Magnetic tube (aka magnetic bar) is several pieces of neodymium magnets assembled into steel bar, the standard diameters are D18, D20, D25, D32, D35, D40mm, the frame and tube material is 304 or 316L stainless steel, there is good corrosion resistance and no pollution, the surface can be fine polished and full welded to meet food grade or pharmacy application.


The strong magnetic tube is used for removing ferrous objects, like chips, nuts, screw, nail, and other ferrous scraps from the production flow or daily use. It can be installed at a certain point in the production flows to catch and separate the ferrous particles. It has been widely used in the chemical industry, medicines, sanitation, plastics, textile, smelting, machinery and food stuffs, etc. to ensure the quality of the products and the longevity of the equipment and facilities.


We are very experienced in producing the magnetic tube and ready to supply a most suitable one for your application.


Characteristic and Specification:

1) Shell material: SS304, SS316,SS316L.

2) Magnetic strength: 2000Gs, 3000Gs, 6000Gs, 8000Gs,10000Gs, 12000Gs.

3) Working temperature: The standard working temperature is ≤80℃, and maximum working temperature can reach 350℃ as required.

4) Type of ends: Various kinds of ends are available, such as Nail head, eye nuts, thread hole, threaded rod and other kind of ends for necessary mounding.

5) Sizes: Our standard round bar has a diameter of 25mm (1 inch), length can be custom produced upon customers's requirements, the maximum length can reach up to 2500mm. Also, we have other common diameters: D10, D16, D19, D20, D21, D22, D23, D25, D28, D32, D38, D50, D76, D89, D100.For the square magnetic fliter bars, the common sizes are 19 x 19mm, 25 x 25mm.

6) We can also custom produce the magnetic tubes upon your specific designs.