Magnetic Separator

A basic magnetic separator consists of a magnet of some kind. As materials are passed below, over, through, or around the magnetic separator, it attracts undesirable impurities, pulling them out and cleaning the process stream. Magnetic separator may be ferromagnetic or paramagnetic, depending on the needs, and in some cases materials will be passed through both types of magnetic separator. The devices can vary in size from tabletop separators used in labs to massive drums utilized in recycling facilities.


One of the common uses for a magnetic separator is the removal of so-called tramp metal, undesirable iron which can foul a process stream. Magnetic separator is also used to remove materials which could damage or foul equipment, in a pre-processing step, it can also be used to sort various types of metal, with a series of separator varying in intensity to pull out strongly and weakly magnetic materials at different times.

Our magnetic separators are designed to separate ferrous materials from non-magnetic materials. The ferrous materials are usually impurities of varying particle size (from the micron level upto large pieces of tramp iron) and their extraction either improves the purity level of a bulk product or protects sensitive machinery (crushers, blades etc.) Separation techniques are also used in metal recycling to sort ferrous from non-ferrous material and for conveying cans in canning factories.



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