High Temperature Magnet

We have developed new magnet for high temperature application!


Neodymium magnet is with much higher Br than any other magnets such as AlNiCo, Sm-Co etc, but it also has a disadvantage, that its maximum working temperature and temperature stability are much worse than other magnetic materials, which directly restricts the wide application of Neodymium magnet in some special fields.


Usually, the temperature coefficient βHcj of Neodymium magnet is over -0.7%/℃, now we can supply new magnet less than -0.4%℃, this helps neodymium magnet with excellent temperature stability.  Reversible temperature coefficient of Remanence( αBr) and Reversible temperature coefficient of Hcj is relative to ratio of length, square, length/thickness diagram( BH CURVE) etc.


If you need high temperature magnet for some special applications, we are ready to support you, also will be your best choice.