Green Magnet

We developed a kind of thinner, wider, lighter, stronger energy and better printing performance magnet: wide format Green magnet, in order to meet the development of the printers to be wider, faster and better printing performance gradually.

Sizes available


This material is generally supplied in wide format, it has standard sizes: thickness 0.3mm, width 1270mm/1370mm/1524mm and length 20m/30m.

Surface Lamination


We are able to laminate various decorative material onto the non-magnetic face, the magnetic face would always be coated with UV coating.



Magnets with one side magnetized and the other side weak or non-magnetized after through magnetizing. The weak side is for laminated PVC, PP or paper, the magnetized side is for work with magnetic receptive material, such as iron board.



Green magnet can be made in both isotropic magnet and anisotropic magnet according to different requirements.