Flexible Iron Sheet

Flexible iron sheet is made by mixing iron magnet powder with synthetic rubber or plastic (CPE etc.). It is flexible and has the characteristic of flexible magnetic sheeting. It is easily cut, bent, twisted, coiled, or be machined into almost any shape without damaging.

Flexible iron sheet is not a magnet, but used to creat a magnetic receptive face. It is treated as metal base for flexible magnetic sheeting or other magnets.

Sizes available

The standard sizes are materials with thickness(0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1.5mm), width(620mm, 1000mm, 1270mm) and length(15m, 30.5m). Special sizes could be easily produced upon request with limitations : Thickness: 0.15mm-8mm; Width: up to 1270mm wide. Length: up to 620m.

Surface Lamination

We are able to laminate various decorative material onto the non-magnetic face of Magnetic sheet, White PVC vinyl, Colourful PVC vinyl, PP vinyl, Double-sided self adhensive, dry wipe finish, etc. The magnetic face would always be coated with UV coating.

Working temperature & Flexibility

The working temperature is recommended from -26 degree to 71 degree. At 20 degree, the materials above can be coiled to a 12.7mm radius without cracking.