AlNiCo Educational Magnet

Due to lower cost and good magnetic property, educational Alnico magnets are widely used in teaching and playing by children. Many shapes and sizes are available, such as U-Shape, Horseshoe shape, rectangular bar, round bar, etc.


Alnico educational magnets are mainly used in teaching, stationary and toys. They can arouse students’ interest, make them paying attention and inspire their thinking. In this way, such teaching magnets do great help to development of children’s intelligence and brains. These magnets are colorful and multi-shaped, which can vividly express the meaning.


Alnico U-shape magnets are applied as teaching tools, physics experimental tools and mechanic teaching tools. As teaching tools, alnico U-shape magnets are primarily used in experiments and demonstration in elemental and middle schools. Not only can they directly help children feel existing and changing of magnetic field, but they can show physical features more livelily. Magnetic field does no harm to human beings. Children can make compasses through the principle that like poles attract and opposite poles repel with poles of permanent magnets and the earth’s magnetic field.


The most commonly used teaching magnets are rod and horseshoe magnets. Sometimes, they will be used with other magnets in irregular shapes as well.


We can paint various kinds of color on isotropic and anisotropic magnets. In addition, we are able to manufacture alnico U-shape magnets with other materials, such as plastic or metal hardware, making products more attractive to children. Meanwhile, our products are conforming to environmental standards, doing no harm to mankind’s health.


We are ready to custom produce AlNiCo educational magnets based on customers' requirement.